Popeye Was On To Something!

The Incredible Hulk of the vegetable family are the greens and Mister Spinach here is no exception. Iceberg lettuce needs to be shunned like you would if someone asked you if you want to drink battery acid with your dinner. Okay, maybe a little extreme but iceberg is nowhere near as nutrient dense as spinach.     […]

Dinner and Dessert

Anyone who has known me long enough to taste my kitchen creations knows how passionate I am about cooking. I have not lost my charm in the last year but since I have been living with my fiance while he takes care of his ill mom, I have not had a kitchen to call my […]

Watch Your Language!!

I have been interested in  personal development long before I got the job at Tony Robbins. You can see this by my before pictures and when you find out I am an ex drug user. It wasn’t until I listened to several of Tony’s products and began to hear the repetition of his effective tools that I […]

Organic Dynamic

I have had the pleasure the last few weeks to sou chef for the Conscious Cook here in San Diego. The opportunity to cook for others in a public setting has finally come! Landry, the head chef and Head Coach of Fuller Living, talked about the importance of buying local organic food. This is no […]

Don’t Choke on My Artichoke

After date night Friday night and the artichoke appetizer that was really a sad representation of the edible flower, Chris and I knew we had to redeem it’s reputation by making our own. I actually had never eaten an artichoke until Chris made me one almost 2 years ago and man did I fall in deep love […]

My Main ChowMein

      Cooking is one of my favorite things to do. When I am in the kitchen I resemble an orchestra’s conductor combined with an electronica DJ. I thrive in the kitchen so much so I find it more appropriate to call it my playground. As part of my work’s 90 day challenge I […]

Life is Not All Luck

Guess who’s back? Back again? Evie’s back. Well, I never really left, but it’s great to be blogging again. I let my old domain “Eve’s Tasty Apples” die off 2 years ago and I have missed it ever since. I’m excited to be back blogging 140 lbs lighter (and counting) and ready to share with […]