Life is Not All Luck

Guess who’s back? Back again? Evie’s back. Well, I never really left, but it’s great to be blogging again. I let my old domain “Eve’s Tasty Apples” die off 2 years ago and I have missed it ever since. I’m excited to be back blogging 140 lbs lighter (and counting) and ready to share with you a piece of my heart and whatever I am eating. My goal is simple: to inspire others to understand the importance of now. Not in 5 hours, not tomorrow, not “when I have more money” but right NOW. Being happy with where you are now is key and if you aren’t than I want to help you along the way to change what is not working. I am here to be an example. People aren’t just lucky. Most of the happiest and richest people in the world had every odd against them, but they learned to work with it not against it. Seeing life’s challenges in a grateful manner and looking at the world as a huge classroom intermixed with recess has got me through my darkest hours and helping me along the last of my weight loss and watching my soon to be mother-in-law wither away from cancer. The time to live is now. And of course the only way to enjoy this ‘carpe diem’ lifestyle is to be healthy with bounds of energy now. Who wants to walk through life at only half the speed when you could be feeling on top of the world with just a few adjustments? I am also here to help you with those adjustments 🙂

Hop on this soul train and let’s get living! I assure you this will be hilarious, informative, up lifting, and enlightening. Until next time. . .

You are always holding the lucky numbers-sometimes the numbers may not be the ones you were anticipating but play them anyways.



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