Don’t Choke on My Artichoke

After date night Friday night and the artichoke appetizer that was really a sad representation of the edible flower, Chris and I knew we had to redeem it’s reputation by making our own. I actually had never eaten an artichoke until Chris made me one almost 2 years ago and man did I fall in deep love to both the chef and the globe shaped flower.


Super simple to make and many different variations. Take your rinsed artichoke and cut an inch off the top. You can also use scissors to trim the thorns off the leaves before cooking.


Season with your favorite flavors. We are HUGE onion and garlic fans and when we grill these we make a delicious lemon garlic marinade with fresh chopped garlic, lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper but I digress. Place in a large steaming pot of boiling water face down, cover, and cook for 40 minutes.


You will know it is done if you can easily pull off the leaves. Dip your leaves in melted vegan butter or Vegenaise. My favorite dip is a spicy vegan mayo. The best!



Mine was a little over done due to running back and forth from the kitchen to the TV to watch the Golden Globes but still so delicious!!


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