Organic Dynamic

I have had the pleasure the last few weeks to sou chef for the Conscious Cook here in San Diego.


The opportunity to cook for others in a public setting has finally come! Landry, the head chef and Head Coach of Fuller Living, talked about the importance of buying local organic food.


This is no new idea to me but she mentioned the importance of buying local produce from the USA due to the different organic regulations between each country. I honestly never really cared about the country my produce came from except when I would see Taiwan or Brazil on the fruit sticker and would then live vicariously-wondering what life must be like there.

While shopping at Sprouts today I was far more conscious of where my produce came from thanks to Landry. I always suggest buying local, but being educated about what you ingest is absolutely imperative to your health. Here is a helpful cheat sheet if you are not familiar with the dirty dozen and the clean 15.


Buy organic when you can. Organic, depending on where you go, cost a little more but start looking at your health as an investment. What is more expensive, your grocery bill now or your hospital stays later?


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