Watch Your Language!!

I have been interested in  personal development long before I got the job at Tony Robbins. You can see this by my before pictures and when you find out I am an ex drug user. It wasn’t until I listened to several of Tony’s products and began to hear the repetition of his effective tools that I noticed drastic (positive) shifts in my personal physiology. That mixed with my wonderful coach Shasheen-who aids in how I speak about myself and my life. Growing up we are reminded to “watch your language” yet we are only reminded of this when we use a four letter word. What about when we refer to ourselves time and time again as being an idiot, a fat ass, or simply telling ourselves “I can’t.” This language we use about ourselves and the situations we encounter in life manifest into our belief system which in turn shapes who we are as individuals. A higher state of consciousness is something we as humans should strive for. We allow outside interference to manipulate how we feel far too often. Learning that I (you) can literally shift every emotion like you would shift gears with a manual transmission has been one of the most valuable tools I have ever accepted into my life. Hearing about this and agreeing with it, however, is far different from implementing it. The great news? All it takes is consciousness and the ability to redirect the old thought.

This task takes conscious practice and the willingness to lead an extraordinary life. There will always be road blocks, speed bumps, and unforeseen situations which are all apart of the journey we call our life. Seeing these unexpected events as lessons is the start to leading a happier life. The language we associate to these events also play a major role in how you will perceive them. Resisting what makes you uncomfortable only fuels the fear, insecurity  or judgement we have towards things. How different would your life be if you exchanged judgement with curiosity? This has opened my eyes to far more opportunities in the last month than I ever imagined. Starting this new school of thought now by asking yourself “What can this situation teach me?”




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