12 Days of Inspiration!

Christmas was always the most magical time of year for my family. Just second to Halloween (and when I mean just second we are talking one fell just before the finish line type second). I had always heard stories of the one year decades prior to my existence that my family celebrated Christmas in July and how fun it was. Last year on July 23, my fiance Chris decided we would celebrate Christmas in July and I nearly fainted. MY DREAMS! It was fabulous and strange. Fabulous in that you are getting to listen to Christmas music and string up lights and strange because it’s hotter than heck and the stores aren’t playing music. It is an experience all should partake in.


Well we are going for round 2. Clearly it left a sweet enough taste in my mouth (peppermint bark here I come!) In conjunction with my Inspirational Eve efforts I am launching the 12 Days of Inspiration. The 12 days of Christmas but for motivation/inspiration. Everything from recipes, quotes, exercises, to all around feel good messages. Here is to 12 days of simply making the most of it. That is my goal for every day.

12 Days of Inspiration


Big Hugs,


Inspirational Eve-


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