Sunday Pumpkin Sunday!

My Sunday started out at the South Pearl Farmer’s Market. Interesting to learn, Farmer’s Markets in Colorado close the week after Halloween since they get this thing called “cold weather.” The San Diegan in me was perplexed! A small price to pay to get the true fall/winter experience.



I was fortunate enough to meet the man who makes the pastas at Pastamore. He recommended the gluten-free vegan Chipotle Fettuccine. Chipotle peppers mixed in pasta? This called for a celebration! I decided a white sauce would compliment the chipotle and if I am to get the true fall experience than I better add pumpkin.

Pumpkin Alfredo (I adapted this recipe from Veggieful.)



¼ cup vegan margarine
¼ cup minced yellow onion
2 garlic cloves, minced
¼ cup corn flour
2 cups almond milk
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon nutritional yeast
salt and pepper
1/4 cup pumpkin

1. In a pot on medium to high heat, add the margarine, onion and garlic.
2. Sauté for two minutes until the onion is transparent
3, Add the corn flour and stir until it forms a paste.
4, Add the almond milk, lemon juice, nutritional yeast, salt and pepper and pumpkin. Whisk to combine.
5. Reduce heat to low and whisk for a few more minutes or so until the sauce has thickened. Be careful not to let the sauce burn on the bottom of the pot,
6. Take off the heat and cool.  (The sauce will thicken even more when cooled)
 Serve on your favorite gluten free pasta or on pizza with a sprinkle of basil!

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