I’m Eve. Yes, I do have a brother name Adam. I grew up an incredibly happy and hefty child which then manifested into a very happy and very hefty adult. I always knew there was a thin beautiful sexy woman living inside me but I did not know how or when I could ever meet her.


I masked the fear of never meeting her with bong hits, hard liquor, and an obsession with pretty clothing. I suffered from bulimia and purging  and finally got fed up in 2010. It was around the time I helped my mom through her many surgeries and help change my 60 year old dad’s diapers when I said I am done. This was all preventable. I was with a man who loved obese woman and I knew with all of my heart if I lost the guy, lost the bad habits and lost the weight I would gain an extraordinary life. Boy were my intuitions right!


I am anywhere from 30-60 lbs away from my goal weight and I now want to share my journey with the world and help you achieve the life you want. No goal is too big to achieve unless you think that way.

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